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Why Yuvan-Sujaya filed divorce? [2007-08-11  K.Sutharsan Print this artical|Email this artical]

Kollywood is facing yet another 'Split' between a famous pair. It is usual that only actresses will immediately react and show anger over it, What else (Mangal suthra or Thaali only). But, it does not sound well for everyone who hears the divorce between Yuvan shanker Raja and Sujaya.

Yuvan shankar raja, Sujaya
Yuvan shankar raja, Sujaya.
In the year 2002, Yuvan and his wife Sujaya met in a musical event in London and fell in love. Both of them loved sincerely. In 2003 september 3rd they married secretly in London after getting approval of both parents.After a few months gone they both got married legally at Chennai. It looks like Yuvan Shankar Raja's household is not going well. Itseems like both of them did not lead an happy life together. In this situation they both had a conflict. The Junior Raja's nuptials are on the rocks and the couple has consented for a divorce after surviving a marriage that lasted for a meager four-years. Opinion difference is cited to be the reason for the rift in the marriage life of the couple. Yuvan and Sujaya visited the court in a same car to file the divorce petition in front of Justice Devdas.

Since the couple has asked for the mutual consent for separation Under the hindu marriage law section 13(P) it looks like the couples will get divorce without any difficulties. Earlier, the couple was staying in Ilayaraja's T-Nagar residence. With the mutual consent for separation, Sujaya is expected to move out of Raja's T-Nagar residence.

Why did the couples split? To know about this, we whispered into the ears of some of the kollywood owls.

The news which leaked out from the owls who did not wish to tell their names was unbelievable. News say that the couples were separate for more than 9 months. It looks like the tortures and bossing over which the family members of Illaiyaraja gave was not digestible for Sujaya. Even when told about this to Yuvan it seems he did not bother for this and did not take it seriously. Not only this... in few days passed after their marriage Yuvan used to come late night to home without proper intimation and even it became a habitation for Yuvan to stay out. All this has made Sujaya hurt a lot and she was left cornered. Yuvan who flies offen to Bangkok, visits Pattiya over there, and also visits some luxury islands and has learned some bad habits while on tour is the information that leaked out so far.

Sujaya who was in a dilemma atlast decided to file divorce. Though they have decided to divorce by mutual consent, Yuvan shanker raja has wholeheartedly accepted to write a house, a property which belongs to him on her name and which is located at Nungambakkam.

So, After divorce Sujaya will not take a departure to her native country. She is going to be here only is very well understood. Will Yuvan not realise in this age to show more importance to his wife than his passion over music? Let wife be the music of life...!

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